About us

Sushi Master is not only one of the strongest establishments in Toronto’s Japanese culinary scene (the owner and chef has over 30 years of experience in Japanese dining), but has also received numerous awards including the prestigious “King of One Dish” award, which has received much media coverage. The restaurant offers a wide variety of top quality fresh ingredients, including sea urchins, scallops, and prawns.

For decades, the restaurant has been providing the best experience to Toronto’s Japanese food enthusiasts while providing an everlasting warmth to the family.


Salmon Lover

If life was a dish, then there is always a true love that you can never resist. This one is the 100% favorite of salmon enthusiasts. Salmon sashimi, salmon sushi, salmon rolls …… a display full of freshness, flavor and taste, striking taste buds with the most satisfying “salmon experience.” It allows you to eat until satisfaction and carry on your love for salmon until the end.

Signature Torch sushi series

If sashimi is the most irresistible “cold beauty” in Japanese cuisine, then the Torch sushi series is the most passionate “fire hunter” on the sushi table. The fresh seafood on the sushi is topped with various sauces and sizzled with a torch until half-cooked or fully cooked. The aroma is instantly pungent, and once in the mouth, the sushi makes taste buds bloom. In fact, why not let the “cold beauty” and the “fire hunter” dance in alternation on your tongue for you to experience the realm of both fire and ice?